Our Story

Ageless Pantry L.L.C., is a family company; our Zenuine Brew teas are adapted from recipes our family has enjoyed for generations. Our goal has always been to bring you wonderful herbal teas made from the highest quality organic and natural ingredients.

When our founder, Rose, was a kid her mother blended healthy, herb-infused drinks and soups for her - as mothers have throughout the ages to pamper their childen.

“Here, drink this. I made this just for you. It's good for you.”

Zenuine Brew began when a now grown-up Rose began preparing healthy, nutrient-rich blended drinks for her aging mother. Following old family recipes with roots in Chinese medicine, Rose created "liquid goodness" to supplement her mother's diet and support her health.

Since some of the simpler teas had such wide-ranging health benefits, she thought, "Why not share it?"

Rose researched and experimented with many different infusions seeking the best herbal value for the drinker. She brewed the teas using a kettle on her stove and put her family and friends to work taste testing. After many tests, some false starts and a lot of revisions, we established Zenuine Brew's first two flavors – Dandelion Root and Ginger Assam Tea. They're a convenient and refreshing way to fit whole food goodness into your busy day.

Our newest flavors are Blueberry Jasmine Green Tea, made with Michigan’s own organic blueberries, and our Chamomile Tea.

We brew our teas in Kalamazoo, Michigan and bring them to you through fine food establishments in Michigan.