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Frequently Asked Questions

Why organic ingredients?
It’s common sense to minimize our exposure to harmful chemicals, especially now, since it seems we're reminded every day that we truly are what we eat. Eating organic is your best shot at reducing avoidable chemical residues in your food and water. Organic foods have been found on average to have slightly higher levels of trace minerals, vitamin C and phytonutrients than conventionally grown crops.
Valid scientific research comparing organic and conventional foods is scant and what has been done focuses on very specific foods and conditions. Across studies done so far, however, some general trends have been noted: on average, organic foods contain slightly higher levels of trace minerals, vitamin C, and antioxidant phytonutrients than conventionally grown crops.
Using organic ingredients also promotes a kinder and more sustainable relationship with our earth and can help us contribute to a good environment for future generations.
Why brew using whole herbs and spices? Aren't synthetic mixes, concentrates, artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, and artificial sweeteners cheaper and faster?
Brewing from whole, original ingredients is the traditional and time-tested way to naturally extract the goodness and the maximum powers of the herbs and teas. It's a cooking process, and the reactions that take place during brewing are an important part of producing a high quality tea. It may take more effort and time for us to brew this way but the resulting tastes, colors and nutritional profiles are worth it.
Why ginger? Why dandelion root?
Ginger and dandelion root are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Each herb was selected for their maximum ability to support wellness and their minimum side effects. Ginger: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor activities Dandelion Root: This herb is mild and promotes liver detoxification. Moderation is the key with all herbs, and at all ages. Always check with your health professional if you have questions, are pregnant, have pre-existing health conditions.
Why use glass bottles?
Glass is nicely inert, non-reactive with the teas, doesn’t add smells or extra flavors and helps maintain the integrity of the drinks longer. Glass is easily recycleable. Plus, we like the solid feel of sipping tea from a nice, cold glass bottle.
Why are you so picky about fresh ginger?
Yes, it's easier to use powdered mix and dried slices, but when it comes to taste and effect, they're really not the same thing. Fresh ginger and dried ginger have different oils because the ginger loses some of its more volatile oils in the drying process. We strive to capture these valuable oils as much as possible.
Why use roasted dandelion root?
Roasting dandelion root brings out a full-bodied, smooth and browned coffee-like flavor.
Will there be other flavors?
Sure. We're continuously exploring and experimenting to bring you tasty, healthy teas. Looking for an unsweetened version? Have another suggestion? Let us know. In the meantime we'll keep working to uncover and discover nature's gifts and share them with you. Stay tuned for our next unique and exciting beverage.
How many calories in your teas?
Counting calories? Our teas are 60 calories per 1 cup serving, about half that of a typical soft drink. We're also working on reduced- and zero-calorie teas brewed with alternative sweeteners. Our goals are sophisticated teas - all that great taste with lots of herbal flavor, with varying touches of sweetness - or not.